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About Joe

Guiseppe, better known as “Joe” is the first generation of Australian to Italian Parents.

Joe’s mother Raffelina was born in the Southern Italian area of Calabria and arrived on the shores of Sydney in 1962. Joe’s father Julio moved to Sydney around 1959, was born in Trieste, in the Northern region of Italy, where is family still own a winery which produces some of Italy’s best wine under the brand “Skok”, which is Joe’s surname. Like most Australian born first generation Italians, Joe started school speaking only his first learnt language Italian (dialect) and not knowing how to speak a word of English. Meet Joe now though and you wouldn’t know him to look or sound anything but Australian. Joe is incredibly proud to be an Australian, and equally as proud
of his Italian heritage, and most importantly Italian food.

Joe grew up working in many of his families Italian eatery’s.

“Cooking Italian food is second nature to me”

It was in August 2012 when Joe opened his own Pizza & Pasta restaurant in Golden Beach. Initially just run by his family which includes his wife and two children, the business grew rapidly and quite quickly Joe had to move to larger premises in Currimundi and employ more staff. And so began “Italia Pizza & Pasta

“My family and I love creating delicious Italian food for the Sunshine Coast”

…and very quickly the Sunshine Coast responded with gratitude voting Italia “Best Italian Sunshine Coast”, as well as “Best Takeaway Queensland”.

Raffelina who is very involved in training the staff says: “The key to Italian food is love”. If you cook everything like you are cooking for those you love the most, the results are obvious – and that’s why Italia’s food is bursting with all the wonderful Italian tastes of herbs, spices and fresh ingredients.”

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